DonorUA for Teams

Create and develop your own Blood Donors Community

DonorUA for Teams is useful for company or organizations of all sizes to unite active and potential donors into communities.
You can create your own donor community, join an existing one, or organize a corporate donor team in your company to improve your social contribution.
For businesses, this is an opportunity to demonstrate their corporate social responsibility, increasing employee engagement and loyalty to the company. The tool will help to unite people around an important mission and provide an opportunity to donate blood woth colleagues and friends.
With us, it's easy to create and develop your own blood donor community.
Create community
Unity, involvement, and drive keep a community going. Develop your own team and find like-minded people.
Each community can create its own events and corporate donor days. Events can be open or private. To participate in community activities, a donor must join the community. The more events you have, the bigger community you can build.
DonorUA for Teams allows you to analyze the number of participants and donations, view top contributors, and evaluate your own input. This gamification is a fundamentally new tool for developing the donor movement.
Within one community, you can create an unlimited number of sub-teams that can compete with each other in the number of donations.
Every year, the most powerful teams will have the opportunity to receive the DonorUA Corporate Awards for the greatest social contribution to the development of the donor movement.
DonorUA for Teams is free in the basic version. However, there are additional features: a branded page, additional statistics, and comparative analysis with other teams. Pro or Premium subscriptions are paid, but they are useful if the team has more than 20 or more than 100 people, respectively.
Max number of participants in the team 20 100 unlimited
Participation in the DonorUA Awards
Comparative statistics with other teams
Comparative statistics between sub-teams
Advanced statistics
Branding of the team page
Корпоративний день донора For additional payment For additional payment 2 times a year
Cost $ 0/month $ 199/month $ 499/month
Create Create Create